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Video Testimonials from Happy Customers of DrywallRepairman

The testimonials below are for work including – Drywall Repair, Ceiling Repair, Water Damage & Texture Repair – Interior Painting. Please click in any image to view the videos. Some are go directly to Youtube and others are directed to pages within this website.

[four_columns_1]   Debbie & Jim                 North Vancouver[/four_columns_1] [four_columns_2]   Elise                              Surrey BC[/four_columns_2] [four_columns_3]   Linda                              Langley BC[/four_columns_3] [four_columns_4]   Dee                             Vancouver BC[/four_columns_4][divider_line_dashed]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line_dashed][four_columns_1]popcorn ceiling repair Vancouver BC   Mary & Gary                     North Vancouver[/four_columns_1] [four_columns_2]Vancouver waterd damage ceiling repair     Alex                                Surrey BC[/four_columns_2] [four_columns_3]west vancouver drywall repair   Judy                                West Vancouver BC[/four_columns_3] [four_columns_4]vancouver ceiling repair   Betty                              Surrey BC[/four_columns_4][divider_line_dashed]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line_dashed][four_columns_1]drywall repair testimonial Julie    Julie                                      Coquitlam BC[/four_columns_1] [four_columns_2]dywall ceiling repair testimonial Nicole                                   Port Moody                            [/four_columns_2] [four_columns_3]drywalleer Vancouver        Earl                          Downtown Vancouver[/four_columns_3] [four_columns_4]testimonial drywall repair  Collin                    Coquitlam                     [/four_columns_4][divider_line_dashed]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line_dashed][four_columns_1]maple-ridge-ceiling-repair Bruce     Maple ridge                               [/four_columns_1] [four_columns_2]south-surrey-drywall-instal Gordon        South Surrey                              [/four_columns_2] [four_columns_3][/four_columns_3] [four_columns_4]     [/four_columns_4][divider_line_dashed]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line_dashed]

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Drywall Repairman Team – Service Areas: Greater Vancouver

We at Drywall Repairman truly believe that the opinions of those who have used our services are the best advertising that we could do. So we make sure we get as many personal video testimonials as we can. Some people are shy and so they would rather not be on camera and we understand and respect that. When we decide to take a video testimonial, we make sure that we only mention first names and generalize the areas we have worked in. If for any reason a customer does not want their names mentioned or they only want their voice recorded, then we comply with those requests. We have found though, that most people are very happy to tell others of how satisfied they are with our services and are ready to recommend our services to anyone and everyone.

If by chance you are asked to give a video testimonial and you are shy, then please consider writing a testimonial. We appreciate all the thoughts of our customers and the old fashioned written testimonial still carries a lot of weight. It doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be honest and a true estimation of what you think of us a company and as individuals.

Please feel free to look through all of our video testimonials. Some will re-direct you to a Youtube page and others will re-direct to a page we have built on this customers job and what we have done for them specifically.

Call is if you need any drywall repair or even a complete renovation project. Our experience in this industry includes renovations and remodeling projects, drywall and texture repair and removal as well as trim work, structural work and specialty painted and Venetian plaster finishes.

Call Stavros on:  604.961.4923