Dee – Ceiling Repair Surrey, BC.  Testimonial

Water Damaged Ceiling Repair / Texture Repair / Interior Painting

Dee – Surrey BC, Testimonial

We often get calls to finish repairs that homeowners or well-meaning home handymen have started but could not finish for one reason or another. Sometimes we come across half done repairs that have been sitting idle for years, more often than you think. This job for Dee was one of them. Her husband had started this ceiling patch years earlier and for reasons unknown, did not get around to finishing it. What we did was finish the original patch on the ceiling and got it to a “Texture Ready” finish and while the filler was still wet we textured the ceiling, matching the texture type and blending the finish so the repair was invisible. This was encouraged to dry by putting a few fans in the patched area for a few hours. When we returned we finished the ceiling by sealing the patched area with latex sealer and finishing the whole ceiling in flat latex. Where it transitioned into the open plan living/dining/kitchen area, we blended the paint till it was not discernible at all.

Dee and her husband were very happy with the results and couldn’t believe that all the work was done on the same day. We had drywall filling, ceiling texture, and latex sealer and finish paint to be done and it was finished in just over 6-hour work.

This job was typical of our “One Day” repair jobs. Over the years we have developed a system of repair that gets us in and out of small repairs in a single day. These repairs were specifically designed to reduce the inconvenience to our customers and have been received well. We also use the Festool dust reduction sanding system on all of our jobs. this amazing system reduces drywall dust dramatically. Even better than the Festool system is the “Wet on Wet” system that we have developed over the years that requires no sanding at all. We simply keep working the drywall compound during various stages of drying until it is smooth and in no need of sanding. Then we texture over this filling before painting (if the texture is required) and then paint, all without ever having to touch a piece of sandpaper.

These are the type of techniques that make us stand out in the industry. Other companies will take days to finish the jobs that we do and make a lot of unnecessary mess while doing the work. We, however, have progressively worked on every problem that we have come across and have done our best to eliminate as many causes for frustration and inconvenience. It’s an ongoing process and we’re still working hard on improving our craft.