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Water Damage Repair Burnaby BC

Anthony found us online by searching for “Drywall Repair” and decided to call us based on our reviews. Carmen, Anthony’s wife, kept mentioning how the reviews made a difference in their choice.

By the end of the job ended up being one of our many satisfied customer who gave us a nice review.

This house was purchased by our clients a year earlier. When they replaced the roof, all the banging revealed existing water damage by dropping the loose and wet drywall.

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Drywall Repair + Painting

We removed all of the damaged drywall and repaired the damage. Using our many fans, we dried the fast setting compound we used to a paint ready standard.

We the primed and then finish coated the ceiling 2 coats of flat latex.

Anthony & Carmen were very happy with the result and were impressed with the final result.

All done in a single day with full site protection. 

Another satisfied customer for Drywall Repairman.


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Water Damaged Ceiling Burnaby BC

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Water Damaged Ceiling During Repairs

Site Protection on Ceiling Repair Burnaby

Finished Repair on Ceiling in Burnaby

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