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Textured Ceiling Repair Vancouver BC

Tan texted his job details as our voice message suggests for a fast response and we started communicating about this job straight away (the wonders of modern technology). 

We exchanged information about his project and booked in this repair on the next available date. 

We turned up on time and got right to work.

Tan was selling his unit on Oak street in Vancouver and wanted everything to look pristine.

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Paint in the Final Texture

We repaired the drywall first and then matched the existing texture, blending as we worked.

We also added flat latex paint into the texture mix so that it would in itself be a painted textured finish that looked painted. Actually it is painted. We just skipped an unnecessary step.

The results were great and the repair was invisible.

Tan was ecstatic and expressed his satisfaction.

Another great job for Drywall Repairman Vancouver BC.


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Hole in 2 Ceilings After Plumbing Repair

Finished Repair on Textured Ceiling Vancouver

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