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Interior Repairs in Richmond BC

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Gary discovered us by doing a search for “drywall repair” on the internet and read our reviews on Homestars.com and thought he would give us a call.

We quickly made arrangement to see the project in person and after submitting an estimate we scheduled a start date at the nearest opening.

It was decided because of various plumbing issues that a large portion of the homes copper piping had to be replaced with PEX, and this left a lot of holes on every floor and in the oddest places.

Most of the work had to be done overhead on the textured ceiling through the front entrance and then winding into the kitchen.

As is customary with Drywall Repairman, decided on a place to establish our tool base and planned the work schedule so that it caused as little inconvenience as possible.

Site protection is a big thing with us and so we spend a lot of time setting up protective perimeters around the work zone.


Site Protection a Priority

Our customers appreciate our special attention to this part of the work scope and mention the importance of keeping their home as dust free as is possible.

The scope of work included 2 types of texture repair. A rougher Popcorn style texture in the garage and a non aggregated spatter type texture for the rest of the interior of the home.

There was extensive patching throughout the house on the ceiling and walls requiring 1/2″ drywall.

Gary also added pet damage repairs to the scope that included baseboard trim and door casing replacement.

The trim had been chewed by the 2 Boxers they had, the girls as they were often referred to.

We also matched the colour palate of each room and service we repaired. The colours added up to six different colours and sheen types from flat to semi-gloss.

All colours had to be custom matched by our friendly Dulux paint dealer.

ceiling drywall repair richmond

Before Textured Kitchen Ceiling Repair – Richmond BC

drywall contractors vancouver richmond bc

After Textured Kitchen Ceiling Repair – Richmond BC

Reducing Repair Time

With this type of repair, we have found that the usual drywall filling methods really do not work well.

Waiting for drywall filling compound to dry overnight just doesn’t work for anyone. The customers are anxious to have the work done quickly and we don’t want to be there longer than we have to.

Most of our filling is done with a fast drying filler. It is a hardier filler that keeps it’s shape and shrinks very little. The main benefit is that we can get 3 coats on (time permitting) in an hour if need be.

There are also many other techniques that we employ, that we’ve  developed over years of trial and error to streamline our workflow and time spent on the job.

Our customer appreciate our efficiency and cleaning regimen that ensures that the work site is as clean as it can be during the process.



What Were the Results?

As you can see from some of the pictures, our repairs are all but invisible. We take great pride in making sure that the customers have a really hard time remembering where the patches where.

The boarding and filling has to be perfect and also the texture matching and blending has to be ad close to original as possible.

We would rather texture a whole area, end to end than have a texture blend that is visible. Most times we can blend affectively, even if the texture is a knock down texture. A little finesse is required, but it’s all in a days work for us.

Gary and his wife were ecstatic at the results and couldn’t wait to express that the next morning. 

We always appreciate genuine words of commendation from our happy customers. The work we do is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work.

Thanks Gary for being a quality customer.


drywall repair vancouver

Before Textured Hallway Ceiling Repair – Richmond BC

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After Textured Kitchen Ceiling Repair – Richmond BC

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