Water Damaged Ceiling Repair at Town House Co-Op



+ Painting and Texture Repair

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Suzanne called Drywall Repairman after doing an online search and called us for a consultation and quote. After exchanging information and discussing the scope of the job, we submitted a price and it was accepted immediately.

We booked the project in the the first opening and turned up on the day.

Suzanne’s place was quite compact even though it was a townhouse. We often find ourselves in tight working environment and proceeded with our routine of moving breakables and configuring the furniture to suite our workflow.


Site Protection a Priority

The first thing we are concerned with is site protection. Because we decided to texture the whole ceiling after repairs and spot prime with texture, we covered the whole work area with Poly and spray glued the joins so that not debris or dust would migrate between the layers.

The second thing we did was to spot prime the stains after removing any loose texture and then fill the problem areas and feather blend our drywall mud repairs. Doing this insures an invisible patch as one of the video in this article explains.

After drying the fast set drywall repairs we then primed the patches once more to help the drywall patches blend better before texture blending.


Feather Blending Patches

Site Protection & Dust Control

Finish & Clean-Up

ceiling drywall repair north Vancouver

Ceiling Texture Repair and Site Protection Progress

drywall contractors north vancouver

Application of Poly to Protect Site Before Texture Application

Texture Repair with Paint Added

When mixing the texture it was decided to mix about a gallon of latex sealer. We did this because it adds adhesion, but the main reason was to help the final product mix well with the existing texture that had been painted.

I would love to add texture videos in subsequent articles but as I’m sure you can understand, it’s very hard to video and texture at the same time.


What Were the Results?

After spot texturing the repaired patches we then applied paint laden texture over the whole ceiling form end to end. This was not part of our original estimate but we decided to add the extra work without adding cost for the sake of quality.

After finishing the texture repair on the ceiling, all we need to do was to pack up. We folded the poly carefully so as not to introduce and debris onto the furnished area and after a vacuum here and there, the job was done. Another Extatic customer in North Vancouvedr BC


drywall repair painting north vancouver

In Progress Site Protection Before Texture & Paint Application

North vancouver water damaged ceiling repair

Finished Water Damaged Ceiling Repair & Debris Removal

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