Testimonial for: Ceiling Repair, Texture Repair and Interior Painting Surrey, Vancouver, BC

Mary & Gary – Surrey, BC.  Testimonial

Ceiling Repair / Texture Repair / Interior Painting

Mary and Gary – Surrey (Vancouver) BC, Testimonial

For the job we did for Mary and Gary we had to repair holes in the ceiling that were left after the electrician did alterations on their lighting in the kitchen ceiling. what is customary these days is to remove the old fluorescent light box that was popular in the 80’s and have newer modern light fixtures installed. Pot lights seem to be the favourite choice. We had to make the customary rectangle shape left from the fluorescent light box disappear and repair all of the holes left from the old lighting configuration (about six holes in all). We patched all of the drywall holes and seamlessly blended the new texture to the existing texture and blended the ceiling paint to match what was there. Both Mary and Gary were very pleased with the results. Our Parent Company “Diamond Bailey Renovations” was featured on this video. We are now Doing Business as (DBA)
“Drywall Repairman”