New Drywall Taping in Condo in Downtown Vancouver

“You Guys Left My Place Cleaner Than I Had it”

Another One-day Drywall Taping and Priming Job

Earl called us to see if we could do a small job to help his small office renovation move along.

His contractor built a new wall with drywall but was didn’t think he could handle the taping. Earl found us online by searching for Drywallers in Vancouver or Drywall Repair in Vancouver. He came across our website and filled out the form online and we got in contact with each other. Earl sent over some pictures and with some details, we agreed on a price and the job was booked in.

We took great care not to disrupt Earls apartment while we were doing our drywall taping. We made sure that we isolated the work area so no debris or dust would be carried through the apartment. We finished the job with 3 coats of fast set drywall compound and sanded the walls with our specialized Festool Dust Control Sanding System. We gave the job a courtesy prime even though Earl did not require it. He was a great client and he thought we were a professional Home Service Company. Thanks, Earl!

This job we did for Earl in Yaletown Vancouver is typical of the smaller jobs that we do. Most of them are Damage repairs, either in the ceiling or the walls. In our experience, we have found that getting trades to come and price these small jobs is becoming a challenge. The feedback we are getting is that “They don’t even show up”. We would never behave in that way but we do understand the trend of trades not showing up for smaller jobs. The rising cost of doing business has to be justified in the size of the job. We have reduced our cost for these typical small jobs by asking customers to send us pictures of the damage or work to be done with a few relevant details along with the pictures. One or two pictures should be close-ups of the damage especially if the texture is concerned. Then a few wide angle pictures to show the work area. Dimensions of the work area help in estimating painting and so on. The more detailed the information the closer the ballpark estimate will be. This helps reduce our running costs as well as save us time. We also develop a relationship with our clients with this correspondence.

Please give us a call or simply send us your images of the work you need to be done with as many details as you can.

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