Alex – Ceiling Repair Surrey, BC.  Testimonial

Interior Textured Ceiling Repair and Interior Painting

Alex – Vancouver BC, Testimonial

We recently got a call from a lady who had some roof repairs done. The roofing company was re-doing all of her shingles. By Friday they had finished half of the job and covered the exposed roof before the weekend. During the weekend, the wind had blown the tarp off the roof and it also started to rain. to cut a long story short, the roofers had replaced the tarp on the roof but not before the water had migrated in through the roof and was coming through the ceiling the living/dining room.

The ceiling was textured and need more than a drywall patch. We got the call to come in and repair the texture and paint the ceiling.

This was another job that fit into our special “One Day Repairs” We cut out the damage that we followed along the seem of the drywall and found that the water had dried out. we cut what drywall we thought was unsound and taped and filled with a texture and paint ready finish. after matching the texture and applying the texture, we sealed and painted the ceiling to match existing. Fortunately for Alex, the paint was a generic flat white and the match took exceptionally well, so we didn’t have to paint the whole ceiling which carried through into the living room and entrance way.

After cleaning up we asked Alex if she wouldn’t mind giving us a video testimonial and she readily agreed. What Alex didn’t mention was how quickly we did the job and how impressed she was with the match and blending work we did.

One question we get asked a lot is: Are you qualified to remove texture that has asbestos in it?

The answer is Yes! We are asbestos abatement certified to WorkSafe BC best practices. If your home was built before 1992 then there is a chance that the texture in your ceiling could contain asbestos. It is commonly thought that asbestos was only used in the 70’s and part of the 80’s. This is not the case. WorkSafe BC has determined that any new home built before 1992 may contain asbestos in the texture. If the tests for asbestos come back showing a percentage of asbestos, then it would be a job for the professionals to have this asbestos abated in a safe and clean way. We have the expertise and certification to do this.

If you have ceiling or drywall repairs, please give us a call for a free estimate. If you have asbestos-containing ceiling texture, then absolutely give us a call for a reasonable estimate to have it removed safely.

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