No Job Too Big or Too Small – Repairing Damaged Texture on Ceiling

Sometimes we get asked to finish off what someone else couldn’t finish, was unable to finish or just plain disappeared before finishing. We don’t really care what the previous circumstances where we’re just there to make things right. On this water damage repair job we came in halfway through. Betty from Surrey BC called us and asked a question we get asked a lot – “Do you guys do small jobs?” Our answer is always a yes…no problem.

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What Betty had was 2 small half patched drywall repairs in her kitchen ceiling that a friend of hers did but couldn’t finish. Most people can somewhat manage to board and tape (kinda) and paint but find the texturing to be a complete mystery. Many YouTube videos later and head that hurts, they call us – Drywall Repairman.

vancouver water damage repair

On this ceiling repair, I finished off the taping that had already been started and filled the drywall in such a way, that it didn’t need any sanding whatsoever. This scenario is always the best because it eliminates the dust problems common to this type of job completion. No sanding equals no dust. I am finding myself doing this type of system more and more because the dust is the biggest problem with all these jobs. At Drywall Repairman we use a dust control system that works wonders in keeping the dust to a bare minimum. That having being said, if I don’t have to pull out my sanding machine, then all the better.

Texture Blending a Water Damaged Ceiling

Once the patching was completed, I blended the texture to match what was there and after leaving the fans on the still damp drywall filling and new texture for a few hours it was ready for painting. After I sealer coat and a coat of white flat latex, the ceiling looked brand new. There was no sign of the patching whatsoever, even if you knew where the patching had been done you still couldn’t pick out the contours of the patches because they were no longer visible at all.

A Perfect Ceiling Repair and Texture Repair Makes a Very Happy Customer

If you are need of any drywall repair work after a flood or water leak or need to get your texture repaired perfectly, then call us – Drywall Repairman. We are professional painters as well, painting for over 25 years as commercial and residential painters. We have painted many luxury homes and commercial building both inside and out.

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