Ceiling Texture Repair from Water Damage in Coquitlam BC

“Water Damage Repair to Textured Garage Ceiling”….“On Time and Attention to Detail

A Leaky Roof Causing Interior Ceiling Damage

Collin called us to fix the damage to his garage ceiling after the roofers came and went.  It wasn’t a big job, but as we told Collin, we do not discriminate against the size of the job, and we try our best to accommodate everyone.

We knew we could finish it from start to finish in one day and that is what we delivered.

We not only repaired the hole in his textured ceiling (a light version of a popcorn ceiling), but we also blended the texture to match what he already had.  Collin’s ceiling had never been painted.  We painted it a bright white, with no flashing or unevenness, and we think this really impressed him.

Collin mentioned how he had called other companies to come and give him a quote and none bothered to show up. When it comes to smaller jobs it can be understandable especially if you have to travel throughout the whole of the lower mainland of BC. What we do to help out clients with small jobs like Collins is to ask them to do a little work for us. We ask them to take a few pictures, a good quality close up and then one or two wide-angle pictures of the whole area and send us these pictures with as much information about the repair as they can. Dimensions of the area to be painted are handy and if the area is cluttered with furniture or on the third floor of an old apartment building with no elevator. All these things when addressed honestly can be quoted on accurately simply by the pictures that have been sent. This way we get to price even the smaller jobs that in themselves would not be worth making 2 trips for. One to price and another to do the actual work. Costs are rising and people have been spoil with free estimates that cost the tradesman time and money to simply price a job. Money that adds up over the year.

Collin is a happy customer, and he gave us a glowing testimonial.

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