Julie – Ceiling Repair: Coquitlam, BC.  Testimonial

Drywall in Ceiling Repaired – Texture Blended and Ceiling Painted

Julie – Water Damage Repair:  – Coquitlam BC, Testimonial

Julie found us online and decided to give us a call after viewing the video testimonials and the before and after pictures of work that we had done. They had a hole in the kitchen ceiling that had been left by the plumber after he had done some repairs and they waited around 3 years before they were finally motivated to get the repairs done. They also have a few patches to be fixed in the damaged ceiling in the dining room. the texture had to be matched in both cases.

One of the first questions July asked me was how long was this going to take….a common question. I told July that customarily these things take a few days because of the drying time needed for the drywall mud. We, however, have specialized in using quick dry compounds where we can get in and out of a ceiling repair in one day on the smaller jobs like she had (including painting). We did just that and got out in and out in one day without compromising quality. July was very happy with the outcome and so were we. In the video, you may notice some coloration differences. This is because the patched areas were still drying at the time we took the video.