Drywall and Ceiling Texture Repair in Port Moody BC

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Another One day Ceiling Repair Job in Port Moody BC

painter vancouverOn this repair we were called in to do a one day repair on the ceiling in Nicole’s hallway washroom. The plumbers had repaired a leak in the copper pipes close to the exhaust fan in the ceiling and had left a few odd shaped holes in the textured ceiling. We boarded the hole and taped and applied 3-4 coats of our special blend of drywall compounds and used our specialized techniques to create a smooth transition between eh existing drywall and the new patch. We did not need to sand or create any air born dust as is the case with a lot of these smaller repairs.

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After Finishing the Filling we matched the existing texture (that was applied unevenly) and applied texture over all of this small ceiling. The owner was very happy with this new look to her textured ceiling. After the drying fans did their work, the ceiling was ready to paint. We then applied a good quality latex sealer and finished off and an off white in latex flat paint. The site was then cleaned and finished. Nicole expressed how happy she was with the final result and happily agreed to a video testimonial.

We hear from our clients that it was very hard to even get trades to turn up for an estimate on small repairs. Without defending this behavior, we can understand why this happens when we consider a few things. Expenses for running a business have consistently gone up and the service area for most trades has increased as the population goes further out of the central Vancouver area to find affordable housing. Port Moody and Maple Ridge for example. Giving free estimates has been a staple for the longest time and really is part of the cause for trades not showing up for small jobs that may require a few visits, especially in these outer lying areas. The expenses pile up per job especially with all this running around and no guarantee of getting the job. Trades, understandably have focused on bigger jobs to make all the expenses make sense.

What we have done at Drywall Repairman in response to this situation on smaller jobs, is to allow the customers to send pictures and details through text and email and we price the jobs based on the information given by the customer. This has helped the customers know what a project costs and it also helps us keep our costs down by reducing the job expenses by one visit. It also helps us find out who is serious and who is not. We went through this exact process with Nicole and she was very impressed with the price and the process and gave us a referral and a great review on Yelp.com. Thanks Nicole!

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