Need to Hire a Professional Painting Company  Points to Consider!

1. Make Sure You Get What You Want

To accurately compare different estimates, each painting company must quote the same project in the same way. You want to make sure you “compare apples with apples.” One painting company may quote a cheaper price while at the same time omitting many specific details. Another company may submit an estimate that is higher than all the rest, yet his estimate is precise and specific. Make sure you know what you are getting. Prepare a simple list of the work required, specifying exactly what areas need painting, what gloss level, and colour you want. and when you would like it completed.

2. Get Multiple Estimates

Every contractor is different. Some may be methodical and precise in the way they estimate. Others may use the rule of thumb and just guess based on past experience. Estimates will vary, as is the norm. Some painters have the idea that they can take as long as they like to do the job. Others are highly scheduled. Who do you prefer? What is important to you? The price will reflect the difference – be prepared to pay for the difference. You should choose a contractor based on YOUR schedule and YOUR needs. Cheaper does not always mean better. Quality costs, it’s a universal truth. You want to find a good painting contractor who will do what you request. Remember, the painting company should treat your house like it was their own. Actually, they should treat it like it is YOUR special pride and joy. That is a better paradigm.

3. What Is the Painting Process?

Ask the painting company what their process is. Find out what the preparation will be, what type of primer and finishing coats to be used will be specific to the surface they will be working on. A professional painting company in the Greater Vancouver area should have a written process that will explain what they will do from the preparation to the final coat.

4. How Will Your Home Be Protected?

Find out how the area around the painting project will be protected. Site containment is important. You don’t want the messy process of the painting renovation, dust, and debris, migrating throughout the whole house. Professional paint contractors will cover all furniture inside, as well as the flooring and all plants and shrubs when doing an exterior project with tarps.

5. Know The Time Frame Of The Completed Project

Get a written time frame for the entire job, which should include start date, end date and how many painters it will take to complete the project. Don’t forget that you are also factored into this equation. If you have promised to create reasonable working conditions as part of the agreement, then you must live up to those agreements if the time frame is to be met. For example, if moving furniture and having certain renovations done by a specific time have not been met, then an extended, reasonable time frame should be allowed towards the painting. Always create an atmosphere of appreciation on the job to elicit the best quality workmanship from your tradesmen, and the tradesmen should do likewise. Both need to be reasonable, it is the best tool you can use when having a renovation done.

6. Warranty Protection

Establish the details of the warranty before hiring someone and make sure it is in writing. Some warranties cover labour and materials while some only cover materials. Make sure the contractor is fully insured to cover: your home, furniture, artwork, etc., not just the room or rooms being worked on.

7. References

Once you have the references in hand, call them. If you are looking for an exterior painting company, then get addresses of projects recently completed as well as several years back. This will allow you to see the wear of the paint job over the years. A professional job done by a professional painting company should not see that much difference in a few years.

8. Presentation

When you meet the contractor, are they professional? How are they dressed? An individual’s appearance does say a lot about how they work and the type of work you will receive from them. If someone comes to your home and is unkempt and unprofessional, this might reflect the type of work you receive in your home.

9. Relationship

Whether you get referrals from people you trust or end up blindly calling listings from the phone book, it’s important to trust your instincts. Did the painting contractor return your call promptly and show up on time for your appointment? During the meeting, did the contractor answer all questions to your satisfaction? Willingly provide references? Lay out his expectations for the job? Did you feel like you had a good rapport with this person? This is important! Communication is the most important aspect of the client/contractor relationship, and you have to feel that you can speak directly and honestly with your contractor throughout the entire project.

10. Quality of Paint

Any painting company has access to all types of paint which are manufactured to different quality levels. Insist on top quality products. The little extra cost will pay off in the long run because it will last longer.