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Water Damage to Kitchen Ceiling Coquitlam

Ceiling Repair Needed After Above Unit’s Dishwasher Leaked

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Ceiling Repair Vancouver

Drywall Ceiling Repair Coquitlam

The homeowners requested an estimate through text, submitting pictures and details. We were able to give them an accurate with all this information.

The upstairs unit’s dishwasher had leaked and caused the damage.

After booking a start date we opened up the ceiling and left fans to dry out the ceiling thoroughly after removing adequate drywall.

Then we finished to job to the owner’s satisfaction. They even gave us a bottle of white wine as an extra thank you and a great review.

This drywall ceiling repair Job was in Coquitlam BC.

Ceiling Repair

  • Drywall Removal
  • Ceiling Cavity Dried Out
  • New Board Installed
  • Filled to Paint ready
  • Painted With Latex Eggshell
  • All debris Removed
  • 100% Clean Up

Ceiling Repair on Lathe & Plaster Ceiling

100 Year Old Ceiling Repair, drywall Repair & Framing

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When the clients called us they were desperate because they couldn’t find anyone willing to tackle their coved lathe and plaster ceiling. For Drywall Repariman it was something we do and therefore did not shy away from considering the job. So after we agreed on a price we proceeded to do the repairs. The client was expecting just the damaged areas to be repaired but we decided to make the whole ceiling look new so that is what we did. Our Client was ecstatic. Part of the scope of work was to frame and board over a doorway so that the could be converted into a bedroom. We installed Roxul™ safe and sound for added noise reduction between walls. No painting was required this time. All our finished were paint ready. Needless to say, the client was very happy and gave us a great review. 

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