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Also 25 Years Professional Painting

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Drywall Repairman

Drywall Repairman in Vancouver BC is known for being all things to all people when it comes to drywall installation and painting. Our experience in building industry has taken us from new home construction to home renovations and all manner of drywall and textured ceiling repairs in the Lower mainland of BC. A typical job for us is a basement renovation or a commercial remodel to the simplest drywall and textured ceiling repair.

Our service area are: North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Richmond BC, Delta, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Surrey BC, White Rock, Langley BC, New Westminster BC and any other place we have forgotten to mention in the lower mainland.

Renovation + Drywall Repair + Water Damage Repair + Popcorn Textured Ceiling Repair & Removal

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textured ceiling repair

Repair - West Vancouver

South Surrey Drywall Repair

Repair - White Rock BC

coquiltam ceiling repair

Repair - Port Moody

maple ridge water damge repair

Repair - Maple Ridge

surrey bc textured ceiling repair

Repair - Surrey BC

Also 25 Years Professional Painting

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  • q-iconDo You Paint Also?

    Yes We Do! We have been commercial and residential painting for over 25 years. We have worked extensively in luxury homes to commercial building both interior and exterior.

  • q-iconDo You Remove Texture?

    Yes we do! We have removed many textured ceilings and transformed them into pristine flat ceilings that are very much a contemporary look these days. We are also asbestos abatement certified.

  • q-iconWhat Else do You do?

    We are also a full service renovation and remodeling company. Basement, Kitchen, Bathroom renovations from the ground up…. no problem


Kitchen Renvoation Vancouver

Thinking of Renovating or Remodelling?

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen of bathroom. Drywall Repairman has extensive experience in remodels of every shape and size. From the design up, we can walk you through the whole design process from plans to final products. You may already have your plans and designs ready and simply need a general contractor to facilitate the and manage the work scope. We can do that for you while ensuring that the whole process is as painless and process as possible.

Need Advice on How to Proceed?

If you have been thinking of finishing your basement or re doing your tired old kitchen and are unsure on how to proceed, call us for a free in home consultation on what options are possible for you. We will do our best to give you what you need and work within your budget. Who knows, we may even have design ideas that you may never have considered and pleasantly surprise you with our design concepts.

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Drywall Repair + Textured Ceiling Repair + Water Damage Repair

The Ceiling Caved In - Now What?

I had this very same question asked of me from a frantic customer who's ceiling, suddenly collapsed, almost on top of the tenants while watching TV. We came as soon as we could and fixed the problem before anyone could develop any traumatic memories of the event. Stuff just happens! The ceiling, over time, could have been weakened by a slow, inconceivable roof leak and then all of a sudden the ceiling decides to give way. Most of our ceiling and drywall repairs are not that dramatic. What we usually get are calls relating to patching up holes after the plumber or electrician has come and gone and left the remnants of their repairs....holes everywhere. On textured ceilings and walls. This is what we do well. We seamlessly patch drywall holes of any size and texture blend to the highest industry standard. We also paint after patching, finishing any repairs to ceilings and walls perfectly - commercial of residential. Call: 604.961.4923

Water Damage to Drywall Ceiling - Before Picture

Before and After Pictures of Drywall & Texture Repair

Before Ceiling Repair

After Ceiling Repair

Before Renovation

After Renovation

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Before and After Home Basement Renovation Vancouver BC

Drywall Repairs After Plumbing and Electrical Work

You have had some plumbing upgrades or alterations and also decided to re configure your lighting from something dated to something more contemporary. Your plumber and electrician have done a great job of making the adjustments and installing the new lighting fixtures and plumbing throughout your home. As they leave, they also leave you will all the holes that they needed to cut out to re-plumb your home and all of the holes left after new wiring has been installed. Now What? You have many holes in your newly designed textured ceiling and cut outs on almost every wall in your kitchen and dining room.

Who is going to fix all of this and get the holes patched seamlessly, the texture blended invisibly and painted, colour matching every different colour and sheen? This is our specialty and we do it very well. You may also have trim to be re-installed or installed new, we do that as well. We can have the whole thing put back together, tight as a drum without anyone knowing that it was your place was full of holes. Listen to the many video testimonials of happy, satisfied customers and you'll be convinced that we are the company for the job. Call us for a free in home consultation. Call: 604.961.4923

Do Your Repair Look Like This?

Plumbers Repair Hole in Wall

Second Level Plumbers Repair

Repair Hole in Bathroom

Heating Plumbing Repair

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Asbestos Removal Certified - Texture & Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It has become the modern trend to remove your popcorn ceiling texture and replace it with a clean looking, flat crisp ceiling. It seems that almost every home at one stage was getting their ceilings textured and the complete opposite is true now. Removing your textured ceiling is a job that will test the will and patience of any tradesman, let alone any handyman. Some people try and remove it themselves....brave souls! Others wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. Regardless of what category you fit into, one step needs to be take if your home was built before 1992. You need to get the ceiling texture tested for asbestos. If your test results show that the texture contains asbestos, then this changes everything. You will need to hire a professional crew of asbestos abatement specialists. We at Drywall Repairman are “Qualified People” that can and do remove asbestos containing texture in a clean and safe way. We work very closely to the methods and standards set out by Worksafe BC for the removal of asbestos containing texture. Even if your textured ceiling does not contain any asbestos, we can remove the texture in a clean and efficient many and also create a beautiful flat ceiling that looks modern and contemporary. Call Stavros: 604.961.4923

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More Video Testimonials   Drywall Repair

Rob & Monica Renovation

Bob, Elaine Popcorn Ceiling Repair

Mo & Stu - Venetian Plaster

Don - Drywall Repair

Specialty Finishes

Painters Plus...

As we have mentioned we have been painting (among other things) for over 25 years. Covering the whole gamut of what can be done in painting. from luxury homes to prestigious commercial building, both interiors and exteriors. We where once asked to completely re-do a heritage mansion from the inside out, it was a large project. The final bill was well into the six figures and the only colour we used was white. Nothing can surprise us and we always look for the interesting jobs that will challenge us and look forward to meeting the interesting people who's ideas we get to play with.

Italian Lime Plaster

Even though we have been drywalling and painting for over 25 years, doesn't mean that's all we have been doing. With a true sense of artistry, we have been exploring our artistic side for the past 15 years and we realized we are really good at it. Plastering a wall is not a stretch for us with our drywall and taping background, but it takes a keen eye and an artistic disposition to create something wonderful. Creating movement in the Venetian Plasters that we do is something we really enjoy doing. We are faux finishers and specialty custom wall finishers as well. There is nothing that we cannot do (this is our belief) when it comes to 2D and 3D wall finishes in any medium. We are brave and enjoy the challenge of a new medium that we can use for our custom feature wall finishes. Try us out - Call Stavros: 604.961.4923

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